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This simple-to-use measuring device was developed to give listeners a way to insure against the problems caused by improper tracking force settings, which include mistracking, excessive record and tip wear, and poor sound reproduction. This gauge is a highly accurate beam balance instrument designed to measure the actual downward force exerted by a stylus on a record over the range of 0.5 to 3.0 grams. Each gauge is individually calibrated, and displays readings in 0.05 gram increments in order to provide a precise measurement of stylus tracking force.

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posted on 09/11/2011
5 Stars
Accurate, repeatable, easy, cheap, and it doesn't take batteries. Why on earth would you buy one of the electronic versions?

Very accurate

posted on 01/15/2010
4 Stars
Reviewer: ricko j
I didn't believe that this would be very accurate when I first looked at it, but I tested it with my laboratory weight set and it was dead on. I only wish they would put a protective material over the slot where you put the cartridge. Placing the needle right on stainless steel gave me the willies - but with careful handling it worked fine.

Simple, easy, accurate.

posted on 05/25/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: MDC from NJ.
Very easy to use and accurate to .025 of a gram. Why spend more?

Shure Stylus Force Gauge

posted on 02/05/2008
3 Stars
Reviewer: Charles Wagner
I would rate this instrument as OK. The directions for use are poor, probably did not translate well into English. The base, cantilever, and counterweigt all feel cheap. There might be 10 cents worth of material in the entire unit. Use of the gauge is not intuitive. For example, is the device positioned on the platter mat or on the record? Or off to the side? After much study, I noticed the "slot" in base which may be for placing over the turntable spindle. (?) The scale is doubled for tracking weights greater than a certain amount. This takes practice to use. I don't recommend this unit unless you have taken high school or college chemistry labs that used triple beam balances or other analog weighing devices. If you grew up digital, spend you money on a digital scale. The Shure stylus force gauge may well be very accurate, but who knows?

It works!

posted on 01/25/2008
4 Stars
Reviewer: Greg
The Stylus Gause is a good thing to have if you have lots of records and if your records are old (50's,60's) the gause is a very good safty in not messing up your hard to find records. The Stylus Gause is easy to use and you can feel better about getting the FORCE right. It works!

Economical and effective

posted on 09/05/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Aokaba
Probably the best known tracking force gauge, this is still a sufficiently accurate tool for most turntable owners. The price is, as they say, right.

Just the thing!

posted on 05/26/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Doug
I love this gauge- easy to use, non-battery operated and accurate. No- it does not og to 1000th of a gram but it does the job very well anyway, even for a moderately expensive turntable/cartridge setup. A true price/value ratio that is worth it.

Simple calibration tool

posted on 01/16/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Aruna
This force gauge made calibrating my tonearm a breeze. I have the VPI JMW-9 arm, and it was foolproof to calibrate it with this.

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