Alexander Dmitriev - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7


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This was recorded direct to DSD and mastered & authored by Gus Skinas.  This is the same pure DSD stream used to create the Water Lily SACD.

"I promise you that in my judgment, as impartially as I can possibly make it, these are the best orchestral recordings I have ever heard. Specifically, the two Blumlein ones - Mahler and Shostakovich - seem to me to offer unprecedented concert hall realism. The Skryabin/Svetlanov, done with a different ( but still purist) microphone technique, has a different kind of stereo imaging but has a truly wonderful tonal character - and fantastic music ( the Skryabin is amazing ). I recommend all three (titles) in the in highest terms. If you buy only three orchestral recordings in the foreseeable future, these are the three to buy!" - Robert E. Greene, contributor to The Absolute Sound

"This recoding, like the other two Water Lilies, is a hyper-realistic presentation of an orchestra playing in the great hall of Saint Petersburg. The instruments are lifelike and full-bodied. ... All three of these Water Lily (titles) are keepers. I suggest that you buy them even if you are not particularly interested in classical music, as all three are reference discs." — Danny Kaey, Positive Feedback Online

This recording has already acquired an almost unprecedented level of historical significance. The legendary orchestra of St. Petersburg, Russia — the first to give a performance in the besieged city of Leningrad of Shostakovich's profoundly moving wartime symphony — is captured here with a sense of excitement and occasion of attending a live performance, as no studio recording can.

The philosophical and technical ethos of the Water Lily approach to recording is, here, perhaps for the first time, given free rein to produce a musical experience unparalleled in its realism and impact. Forged from the precious metals of the opulent age of the Czars, and tempered in the crucible of Communism, the orchestras of the former Soviet Union occupy a position in world culture that is truly unique. Now, 60 years later, they return to the work with which they will always be ineradicably associated in a performance of shattering power and cinematic vividness of imagery. Shostakovich's musical depiction of the horrors and triumphs of the battlefield have never been equaled, and in this spectacular concert recording the sonic splendor of the composer's inspiration emerges with devastating impact.

Equally remarkable is the synergy between Maestro Dmitriev and the orchestra he has headed for almost 30 years, lending this recording a particular poignancy and authenticity.


Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 'Leningrad'
I. Allegretto
II. Moderato (poco allegretto)
III. Adagio
IV. Allegro non troppo

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Great Recording, Poor Performance

posted on 03/27/2017
2 Stars
Reviewer: Steve Heronemus
This recording does, as stated in the professional reviews, present an extremely life-like representation of a live performance. There are fantastic dynamics and the clarity is stunning - to the point of revealing the occasional audience cough. Unfortunately the performance is uneven at best. There are pitch problems and the horns in particular had a rough night, with several glaring missed notes. I found Mr. Dmitriev's leadership cautious and, at times, plodding. Perhaps he knew his orchestra was overmatched. There are a few fine performances of the "Leningrad" on DSD. This is not one of them.

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