Spendor - Spendor SP2/3R2 Classic Stereo Speakers

 (Dark Walnut Finish/ PAIR)




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K SP2 3R2W


Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

The Spendor Classic Series is a range of stand-mounted loudspeakers which has been developed from the experience of over 30 years of Spendor heritage and experience.

Whilst there have been constant advances and refinements to the original technology used in the first Spendor products, the attention to fine detail remains and is embodied in the award winning Classic Series products.
The Latest 'R²' series classic speakers combine all the advantages in materials technology that have been developed for the new Spendor speakers, but retain the traditional styling and sound balance one would expect from these monitor grade loudspeakers.

Without compromise to design or audio specification, the latest Spendor SP2/3R² demonstrates the same silky smooth, neutral sound which has made it's big brother, the SP1/2R² such a favourite with professionals and music afficionados the world over. Housed in a more compact enclosure, the SP2/3R² is capable of dealing with the kind of demanding and revealing programme material that often defeats lesser loudspeakers.

As with all Spendor models, the beauty and true virtue of the SP2/3R² is in what it doesn't do: there are no unnecessary distortions, colourations or dynamic inequalities which detract from the listening experience.
The latest wide-surround small dome tweeter brings all the advantages of a large dome whilst maintaining the phase stability of a small dome.


  • Spendor 21cm drive unit with phase correction design
  • New 22mm wide surround tweeter for extended response
  • High grade crossover network with gold conductors
  • Silver plated pure copper internal cables throughout
  • Gold plated binding posts on the rear
  • Temperature stabilised rubberised cabinet damping pads
  • Classic thin-wall design to reference standards 

  • Description:   2-way stand mounting loudspeaker
  • Enclosure type:   Reflex
  • HF drive unit:   22mm wide-surround dome with fluid cooling
  • MF / LF drive unit:   Spendor 210mm polymer cone
  • Sensitivity:   88dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
  • Crossover point:   3.2 kHz
  • Frequency response:   60 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
  • Typical in-room response:   -6dB at 50 Hz
  • Impedance:   8 ohms nominal
  • Impedance minimum:   6.8 ohms
  • Power handling:   150 watts unclipped programme
  • Terminals:   Gold 2/3 way binding posts bi-wired
  • Cabinet (HxWxD):   545 x 275 x 325mm
  • Finish:   cherry (dark walnut to special order)
  • Weight:   14.3 kg each
  • Stand height:   450-550mm (not supplied)

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She Might be the One

posted on 04/04/2017
5 Stars
I realized within the first song that these ladies are very special. They're not even broke-in yet and I'm already stunned. They have an exemplary midrange with perfect tone. I was leery to venture into this price range, as I already owned some very respectable singers, but these are worth the cost of admission. Contrary to some claims, they have detail and imaging in spades.The detail is superior to the Magnepan 1.7, and imaging is superior to my Monitor Audio Silvers. They're not an "in your face" speaker, but I prefer that my personal space doesn't feel invaded by a vocalist. If you want a zero fatigue speaker without compromising high performance, (in a medium room) look no further. Many thanks to Chad Stelly for recommending these amazing transducers!

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