South Memphis String Band - Old Times There...

South Memphis String Band - Old Times There...


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It's been a bit over two years since the release of Home Sweet Home, The South Memphis String Band's album debut. During that interval the members of the band that focuses on the music that was popular before the blues and electricity have been collectively called "a roots music super group," agreed to break up and, just as quickly, decided to record a new album, Old Times There.... Alvin Youngblood Hart declares, "We're back from ‘retirement' and we think this is an even better record than the first one."

For the follow up, Luther Dickinson, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Jimbo Mathus dug deep into a repository of songs that reflect the essential ‘southern-ness' of their common background and recruited a fourth member, Justin Showah, to help them delve into that musical heritage.

The album was recorded traditionally using four old-fashioned ribbon microphones and as quickly as possible in deference to the organic/natural approach that one observer called "the pure sound of fingers, strings, wood and throats." While traveling to tour dates after the first album’s release in the tight quarters of a small van, band members would amuse each other with songs they knew. Luther brought “Just Like a Monkey,” part of his “musical vernacular,” as he learned that one from his dad, the late Mississippi sage Jim Dickinson.

Alvin conjured up “Turnip Greens” that he knew from Sam Chatmon of the Mississippi Sheiks, reputed to be Charlie Patton’s half brother. Jimbo actually wrote “Stonewall 1863” and “See The Uncle Sam” for the album but they fit right in and could have been composed 80 or 90 years earlier by someone whose name might no longer be known. The songs the band has chosen to record for Old Times There… are reflective of the legacy of slavery, Civil War, reconstruction, Jim Crow-sanctioned segregation and its aftermath.

1. Good Old Rebel
2. Turnip Greens
3. Feather Bed
4. Just Like a Monkey
5. Some of These Days
6. Stonewall, 1863
7. Jimbo Jambo Land
8. Skillet Good & Greasy
9. Take This Hammer
10. Can You Blame the Colored Man?
11. B-L-A-C-K
12. See the Uncle Sam
13. Sandy River Belle
14. Wildwood Boys
15. Freedom

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