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Compiled for the first time, a selection of tracks composed before Oxygene

Here is a selection of tracks composed by Jarre before the success of Oxygene. "At the age of 14 or 15 when I first started to play in a band, I very rapidly became interested in transforming the sounds of guitar, organ, manipulation, varying pitch, adding distortion, recording backwards, creating echo effects and such, on a small Grundig tape-recorder that was given by my grandfather, André Jarre.

"When I entered the GRM (Musical Research Group), I realized that what I intuitively wanted to achieve was in fact a revolution initiated years before by a French composer, engineer and acoustician, Pierre Schaeffer. Schaeffer developed a genre of avant-garde music known as Musique Concrète, considering music not solely in terms of notes and traditional solfeggio, but in terms of sounds; he was my master during three years...

"Also influenced by my early study of classical harmony, I was interested in creating bridges between musique concrete, electronic, classical, pop...bringing together experimental sounds and melody. The selection of tracks in Rarities illstrates a few examples of my work during this period." — Jean Michel Jarre

1. Happiness is a Sad Song
2. Hypnose
3. Erosmachine
4. La Cage
5. Chanson Des Granges Brûlées / Song of the Burnt Barns
6. Rain Forest Rap Session
7. Le Pays De Rose / Roseland
8. Windswept Canyon
9. The Abominable Snowman
10. Deserted Palace
11. Black Bird
12. Music Box Concerto
13. Iraqi Hitch-Hiker
14. Les Granges Brûlées / the Burnt Barns

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