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CLIM 048
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Ultra HD


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Ultra high definition 32-bit mastering!

This Ultra HD 32-bit mastering CD will play on all CD players!

Ultra HD 32-bit mastering from First Impression Music. Ultra HD is a proprietary ultra-high quality mastering system, achieving unprecedented fidelity to the sound of the original master tape. Employing 32-bit resolution — what is now the highest attainable resolution bit depth in professional audio — maximizes undistorted dynamics and makes the quietest musical passages heard more clearly.

Nearly every audiophile knows that TBM has unique sound: Very full, musical, luscious, immediate, and dynamic with stunning presence. TBM is also the oldest independent jazz label in Japan. First Impression Music has produced seven TBM albums in the past (two by Golden String and five by FIM) which are all very popular. With the technology of Ultra HD, FIM has crystallized the best of these seven TBM albums into one single and final album to truly represent the sound of TBM. Contains 10 such well-known TBM songs as: "Misty" and "Midnight Sugar" by the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio and "Blue City" by Izao Suzuki Quartet.


1. Midnight Sugar
2. Blue City
3. and I love You So
4. Aqua Marine
5. The Way we were
6. Misty
7. Greensleeves
8. Georgia on My Mind
9. My One and Only Love
10. Misty

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