Bright Eyes - A Collection Of Songs Written And Recorded 1995-1997


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180-gram, 2 LP reissue housed in a gatefold jacket accompanied by the entire album on CD

The debut album for Bright Eyes was compiled from four reels of analog 4-track recordings which Conor Oberst had made prior to his 18th birthday. Oberst spent most all of his teenage years touring and performing as a singer/guitarist with bands such as Commander Venus and Park Ave. Now, he has focused his efforts on Bright Eyes, the moniker by which he shares his intimate and personal stories. The 20 songs on this album are stated elegantly and humbly with guitars, keyboards, drums, and voice. Oberst's imagery and storytelling is at times quite sad and other times rather uplifting, and thought provoking, yet subtle. Depressingly honest. All characteristics he's employed to brilliant effect on subsequent albums.

1. The Invisible Gardener
2. Patient Hope in New Snow
3. Saturday as Usual
4. Falling Out of Love at This Volume
5. Exaltation on a Cool Kitchen Floor
6. The Awful Sweetness of Escaping Sweat
7. Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra
8. Driving Fast Through a Big City at Night
9. How Many Lights Do You See?
10. I Watched You Taking Off
11. A Celebration Upon Completion
12. Emily, Sing Something Sweet
13. All of the Truth
14. One Straw (Please)
15. Lila
16. A Few Minutes on Friday
17. Supriya
18. Solid Jackson
19. Feb. 15th
20. The 'Feel Good' Revolution

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