Kjell Fageus - Solo Sonatas For Clarinet

Kjell Fageus - Solo Sonatas For Clarinet


Opus 3



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COPU 19406


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Kjell Fageus - Solo Sonatas for Clarinet Kjell Fageus is the same soloist who appears on two other Opus 3 recordings, COPU 8801, Clarinet Concertos (Mozart, Larsson, deFrumerie and Crussell) and COPU 19301 Mozart and Brahms Quintets. From the program notes of Fagues: "This CD was recorded on a single day, September 28, 1994. That is the day when the ferry ESTONIA went down in the Baltic with a thousand passengers on board. I was profoundly affected by the picture of people fighting for their lives in the freezing waters of the Baltic. I was in that special state of just playing, hovering between the realization that what I was doing was absolutely pointless and experiencing playing as a matter of life and death." The composers presented on the disc represent some of the finest names in Swedish composition, as well as others who have written well for the clarinet in Mr. Fageus' opinion. The Mikael Edlund and Malte Peterson works are world premiere performances.

1. Solo (1971)
2. Andante sostenuto
3. Allegro vivace
4. Lento ma non troppo
5. Allegro Moderato ( Alla burleska)
6. Canto, Molto lento (un poco trist)
7. Variazoni: Gamle Valu
8. Andante sostenuto
9. Vivo
10. Allegretto
11. Rubato con molto tranquillo
12. Allegro molto
13. Sonata (1960)
14. Amabile
15. Drammatico
16. Scherzando
17. Amabile
18. Clarinet study
19. I
20. II
21. III
22. Abime des oiseaux
23. Syrinx
24. Fantasy for Clarinet op. 87 (1966)

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