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Them - Them

British pressing, limited to 500 copies

Them - Them

Sweet Dandelion


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After the departure of Van Morrison, the legendary Them reformed in the U.S. where they released a couple of albums for Tower as well as a bunch of singles. In 1970, with only bassist Jerry Cole left from the original formation, they recorded this rare album for the money-laundering label Happy Tiger. With a much rawer sound than their psych-pop Tower efforts, here you'll find snotty garage-punk, waves of fuzz, strong vocals and pounding drum breaks (just listen to the opening track), with a style from garage punk to trippy psychedelia, a spoonful of Eastern music and a brief hint of country.
I Keep Singing
Lonely Weekends
Take a Little Time
You Got Me Good
Jo Ann
Memphis Lady
In the Midnight Hour
Nobody Cares
I Am Waiting
Just a Little
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