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What a ride it's been for Norah Jones since that night in March 2002, when she revealed her rich, seductive tones performing in a cramped room above an Indian restaurant in downtown Austin at a South by Southwest showcase. A few months later she recorded her first Austin City Limits. Now, after five years, many millions of CDs sold, a shelf full of Grammy awards, and worldwide acclaim, Norah returns to ACL as one of the most successful and respected recording artists of the decade. This performance from June 14, 2007, includes some of those now classics that captivated an audience longing for heartfelt music. It also highlights her growth as a serious songwriter on her third record, Not Too Late.

Come Away with Me
Those Sweet Words
The Sun Doesn't Like You
Not My Friend
Thinking About You
Be My Somebody
Rosie's Lullaby
Sinkin' Soon
Not Too Late
My Dear Country
Little Room
Long Way Home
Creepin' In
Hands on the Wheel
Blue Bayou
Don't Know Why

Customer Reviews (3.40 Stars) 10 person(s) rated this product.

Not too bad

posted on 10/26/2016
5 Stars
Not too bad, like other reviewers said. Live recordings never will be the same to studio's. Very good sound and pressing! Much better than original European Nora's pressings.

Great music, great sound!

posted on 08/09/2016
5 Stars
Loving this album. Music is great, and I have no idea what the other reviewers here are experiencing such that they find the sound "hot" or "distorted" in the vocals. While my system isn't the last word in high-end audiophilia, it is pretty accurate and revealing (Vpi Classic 3, Fosgate Signature phono stage, McIntosh 2275 amp, and Evolution Acoustics speakers). I don't hear anything like the critical reviews here are describing. I hear the instruments portrayed with depth, space, and timbre and the vocals sound incredibly warm and realistic. Granted, there are a lot of tubes in my system, so perhaps the negative reviewers' equipment was quite different from mine.

I took the time to write this because I almost didn't buy this because several reviews here were so negative about the sound quality. Glad that I bought it and listened for myself!

Awfull recording

posted on 07/24/2012
1 Stars
Just after changing the tubes in my preamp, I put this record to play for the first time. In some songs, Norahs voice is so harsh/distort that I thought the tubes were defective. The sound was so bad, I had never crossed my mind the problems was with the brand new LP, and not the tubes. I love Norah, but this one junk.

My best Norah album

posted on 06/21/2010
5 Stars
a Wonderful set. Both Intimate and Dynamic sound. You're really at the performance with this one. Highly recommended !

Nice music but mastered too hot.

posted on 10/10/2009
3 Stars
Reviewer: Gaurav Vij
The music is excellent here. You get to be in an intimate setting with Norah and it really makes you feel like you're there. But there are a few issues with sound...the voice is miked way too close so it can get harsh sometimes, which is horrible because Norah's voice is anything but harsh!

Next, the bass is mixed far too prominently and I have to turn down the bass of my subs. Some of the sound gets too harsh sometimes...but I already mentioned that.

So...get this LP if you want to have a live recording of this great artist. Not the best sound quality, but its a good listen and a must have for the Norah fan. Apart from the somewhat dissatisfaction in sound, the music is awesome and the commentary by Norah in between cuts makes this LP special.

All listening done through a VPI TNT-V Hot Rod, JMW 12.5 tonearm, Clearaudio Accurate cartridge and Einstein Turntables choice phono amp.

Horrible recording - a QC Joke

posted on 08/22/2009
1 Stars
Reviewer: Doron
I like Norah's laid back and smooth voice but it is not smooth here. It sounds like she is too close to the Mike and she sounds raspy and processed. The guitar is dry as a toast. The bass is so over-amplified it clips the mikes. Who are these monkeys that call themselves "Sound Engineers" and what kind of bananas did they have in their ears when they recorded this album? If they had half decency they would have recalled this product but since so many so-called-audiophile must have a Norah Jones' LP there is money to be made selling junk to those who do no any better...oh well.

If you have half-ears, stay away from this album!

one of the best

posted on 10/13/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
This record really took me from my seat!

I always liked the music of Norah Jones, but here it comes with an intensity that I never fealt before! If you like Nora Jones, this one can't be missed! If you don't like her - try this and get the feeling!

Too much bass mars a great live set

posted on 09/08/2008
3 Stars
Reviewer: Dave
If you've got the studio versions of these songs then you probably don't need this LP, unless your a completest or you just want a live recording of Norah. Norah and her usual sidekicks do a great job, but the bass is too hot in the mix for my tastes.

My pressings are great and this is audiophile quality all the way, except for that darn bass.

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