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Van den Hul's high-tech oil is suitable for all non air-cushioned metal-to-metal turntable bearings and is supplied in a 20 cc bottle with brush. The oil is doped with microscopic 1 micron diameter zirconium oxide marbles which act as an extra rotating separation between the spindle and the bearing bus, and there are so many marbles that there is no direct mechanical contact any more. This flotation property in effect minimizes bearing noise and produces the best audible quality. The friction between the bearing’s metal surfaces furthermore is reduced to just the viscosity of the oil, which is stable and highly temperature independent.

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get the maximum rotation precision and stability from your turntable!

posted on 01/24/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Marco
I have used this oil to lubricate my Vpi Flywheel and wow!!! Using the KAB speedstrobe revealed that achieving correct and full turntable speed only took a few minutes of rotation versus what used to take HOURS before i applied the VDH spindle oil! Speed was extra stable! RESULTS: more dynamic sound, thunderous and fast base,better imaging.A must! NOTE: NOT FOR INVERTED BEARING PLATTERS THAT NEED GREASE, LIKE THE WONDERFUL MAGICLUBE FROM VPI SOLD BY ACOUSTIC SOUNDS ....OF COURSE!

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