Sonic Youth - In the Fishtank

Sonic Youth - In the Fishtank





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Konkurrent and Sonic Youth have been related throughout the years. At first more indirectly, through The Ex, with whom Koncurrent are closely connected and with whom SY are acquainted with since their very first shows in Holland in the early eighties. Konkurrent invited Sonic Youth to make a record as part of their ongoing Fishtank sessions. SY immediately proposed to also invite the Dutch ICP-jazzers Han Bennink, Ab Baars and Wolter Wierbos, plus Luc and Terrie of The Ex. It took them only one day to record, in between two hectic HF shows. The result was as unpredictable as hoped for; delicate, abstract and elusive. Miniatures that fit in the tradition of jazz rather than in the frame of pop-music; based on sounds, instant composing and fantasy. As if the music went out on a stroll without a specific direction, open for surprises and unexpected turns.

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