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"I considered the Verdi Chorus to be one of the most challenging discs to any sound system and acoustic environment due to its gigantic soundstage and the complexity of the music: huge choral groups and layers of orchestral passages and human voices, all tax the system and the listening room to the farthest extremes not only of the sound spectrum, but also of micro and macro dynamics and transient contrasts…Forty years later, the master tape was in my hands, and I have now done my best to present it to all demanding audiophiles. I hope you will accept the challenge of listening to this recording; you will be rewarded by an unparalleled experience of music and sound." – Winston Ma, Lasting Impression Music

1. Gloria all Egitto (Grand March and Ballet Music)
2. Act II – Aida – Verdi; Cammarano)
3. Vedi! Le fosche (Act II – I1 Trovatore – Verdi; Cammarano)
4. Va pensiero (Act III – Nabucco – Verdi;Solera)
5. Gli arredi festivi (Act 1 - Nabucco – Verdi;Solera)
6. Squilli echeggi (Act III – I1 Trovatore – Verdi; Cammarano)
7. O signore dal tetto natio (Act IV – I Lombardi – Verdi;Solera)
8. Giuriam d' Italia (Act III – La Battaglia de Legano – Verdi; Cammarano)
9. Prelude and Introduction – Urli rapine (Attila - – Verdi;Solera)
10. Fuco di giola (Act I – Otello – Verdi;Boito)

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