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The RGPC Extender Pro comes equipped with two banks of triggered outlets and,the RGPC TV Guard coax protector built in. These two new features not only give,you added control, but additional protection as well.

The Richard Gray Extender answers the call for those who need additional outlets to add to an existing RGPC Patented Parallel Delivery unit. The Extender follows the Richard Gray mantra of delivering high current on demand with minimal loss. Utilizing heavy 12-gauge wiring, each of the Extender's six commercial grade Hubbell Outlets are wired independently to the power source so that all of the outlets receive the same amount of current.

Designed specifically to be used with a Richard Gray 400, 600 or 1200 Parallel Delivery System, the RGPC Extender must be plugged directly into an RGPC Parallel Delivery System in order to provide non-sacrificial surge protection and noise removal. The Extender will provide the additional outlets for the most demanding users without diminishing the benefits of the patented High-Current-On-Demand. The Extender is available in black only and ships with detachable rack ears.

Dimensions: 17" x 1.75" x 5"
Net weight: 11 lbs
Outlets: 6 commercial grade Hubbell,
Power Cord: Detachable. 6 ft 12 AWG cord,
NEMA 5-15 Plug, 20Amp IEC connector
Input Voltage: 120 VAC 60Hz
Output Voltage: 120 VAC 60Hz
Noise Removal: n/a
Fuse: 15 amp, push to reset breaker
Draw at Idle: 0 watts
Maximum Capacity: 20Amps
Rack Mountable: Yes with included detachable ears
Sequential Turn on: Pro only: 2x12V triggers (2 duplexes switched, 1 unswitched)
Coax Surge: Pro only: 180V firing, 500Amp surge current, <1ohm insertion loss
Indicator Light: No
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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