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Bill Evans rarely accompanied singers. He didn't consider it one of his accomplishemnts. An expert on Accompnists, Tony Bennett's flawless ear told him that Evan's sensitivity, touch,and deep harmonic wisdom would make him a perfect collaborator. In such circumstances, with no orchestra for cover and no rhythm section for buoyancy, a singer's control, intonation and steadiness are in bold relief. None of Bennett's recordings discloses more clearly his mastery of those elements. Evans, whose singing piano lines were inevitably described as lyrical, illuminates Bennett's supreme interpretation of lyrics. His own solos "sing" beautifully.

Side 1
1. Young And Foolish
2. The Touch Of Your Lips
3. Some Other Time
4. When In Rome
5. We’ll Be Together Again

Side 2
6. My Foolish Heart
7. Waltz For Debby
8. But Beautiful
9. Days Of Wine And Roses

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posted on 01/14/2018
3 Stars
Was hoping for better but for this price, guess it was wishful thinking. One of the dirtiest pressings (Fantasy) I have ever seen, vinyl shreds on edge abound. After 3 cleanings with okki nokki (guess I'll try an ultrasonic machine), there's still clicks. Great songs list, through Mr. Bennett seems to be singing in a different key than what I'm used to, which threw me off a bit. Mr. Evans is rock solid sublime as usual...

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