Various Artists - River Of Sorrow (Complete)

 (Limited Edition)


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CFIM 085
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Ultra HD

Note: PureFlection CD

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Limited edition of only 2,000 first edition pressings available for optimal sound quality!!!

Ultra High Definition 32-Bit mastering produced using PureFlection process!

This Ultra HD 32-Bit Mastering CD will play on ALL CD players!

This album of immortal Chinese instrumental music, first released in 2002 on SACD, immediately received numerous international accolades including The Best of The Ten Best Albums in 2002 Award. This set features the best virtuoso erhu and guzheng players from China. Hui Fen Min first became known as the winner of the 1964 fourth Shanghai Spring national erhu competition. She studied with Lu Xiutang and Wang Yi, and graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1968, becoming an erhu soloist with the Shanghai minzu yuetuan (Shanghai Folk Orchestra).

This recording has been mastered by the new Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering process, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats! Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering is a proprietary ultra-high-quality mastering system. This leading-edge system has achieved unprecedented sonority and musicality, reproducing as closely as possible the sound of the original master tape! 




1. River Of Sorrow
2. Lady Zhao Jun Bidding Farewell Over The Frontier
3. Fisherman Singing The Night Song
4. Lofty Mountain And Gushing Cascade
5. The Horse Racing
6. Mood & Dream Of An Opera
7. Moonlight Over Cascade Erquan
8. Night Rain Falling Of The Plantain Tree Outside The Window
9. A Maiden’s Dream In A Chinese Garden
10. Moonlight Over The Flowery River In Spring
11. Ospreys Frolicking With Water On A Cold Wintry Day
12. Parting AT Yang Guan

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