Auralex - 2' Sonoflat 2" x 2" x 2" thick

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Room treatment is paramount to good sound with any system. That's a fact. But often, the stuff costs almost as much as the electronics you're using. That's what makes these simple, foam designs from Auralex so appealing. They work and they're reasonable.

SonoFlat Panels are 2" X 2' X 2' panes made of Auralex's industry-leading Studiofoam and offer great absorption of mid to high frequencies. The edges are beveled, contributing to an elegant look not normally associated with acoustic foam. The panels can be installed easily and arranged in a multitude of attractive patterns.

Colors available: Charcoal, Burgundy or Purple
Brown available on a limited basis

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A surprisingly good product. I will be ordering more when available. These small 'tweaks' make a big difference.

posted on 04/02/2009
5 Stars

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