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There is an important advantage to lifting the arm up at record’s end: It eliminates excessive vinyl buildup on the sides of the stylus. A stylus riding that last groove more than twice creates heat (at the stylus point are tons of pressure producing this heat), thus melting the vinyl. Extra rotation equals extra heat. Once this buildup occurs, it must be completely removed before the next play. A dirty stylus will damage the grooves and thereby change the sound.

The LIFT is CNC machined from brass, hand de-burred-polished and chrome plated. Height and balance are easily adjusted.

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Absolutely essential tool

posted on 03/29/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: JW
This armlift works 'as advertised' and afaic an essential accessory to any manual turntable (mine is a Thorens 125MKII). The piece of mind alone is worth the price of admission. Very nicely machined. Very adjustable. Fairly easy to install - you just have to experiment with settings and placement a bit and blu-tac it to the armboard.

JW San Jose, CA

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