Eagles - Hotel California

 (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 2 CD + Blu-Ray Audio + Book + Replica Tour Book + 3 Posters)





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Coming November 24, 2017

40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition — 2 CDs + Blu-ray + book + replica tour book and 3 posters!

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 37/500!

"Hotel California" returns in a deluxe 40th anniversary edition on Nov. 24, pairing the remastered original studio album with 10 live tracks recorded at the Forum in Inglewood around the time the work was released.

Hotel California was arguably the Eagle's best single album — it was certainly the band's biggest original disc — and it also underscored their need to make a big statement. The title tune reflected the album's theme of paradise lost in California, painting this picture with a musical arrangement that punctuated strumming guitars with dramatic drums, and perhaps the band's most famous lyric: "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." "New Kid in Town" was an equally fine albeit much more traditional Eagles ballad. Also found on this classic album are the selections "Life In the Fast Lane" and "Wasted Time."

The 40th anniversary designation is being applied somewhat loosely. "Actually, it came out in December of 1976, but nothing really hit the charts until '77, so we're not really that late," Eagles founding member and songwriter Don Henley told The L.A. Times recently. "We're fudging it a little bit."

In fact, the first single from the album,"New Kid in Town," sneaked in just before year's end, premiering on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on Dec. 18, 1976, on its way to a peak at No. 1 during its 15-week chart run.

The album's title track premiered on Feb. 26, 1977, and spent 19 weeks in the top 100, also reaching No. 1. Henley recalled that because the song clocked in at little more than six minutes, "Of course, the label said it was too long and that we had to cut it down. We said, ‘No, we're not. You're either going to put it out like it is or you're not going to put it out.' " The band prevailed.

The album itself became one of the bestselling albums of all time, and logged eight weeks at No. 1 in 1977. Ultimately, it lasted more than two years — 107 weeks — on the Billboard 200 albums tally. It has sold more than 32 million copies worldwide, according to a spokesman at the Warner Music Group, which is reissuing the album.

The deluxe edition includes two CDs — the original album on one, the live tracks on the other — along with a Blu-ray containing a new high-resolution (192KHz/24-bit) stereo mix of the studio album, high-res multichannel sound (96Khz/24-bit) and a 5.1 Dolby Digital surround-sound mix previously released in 2001.

The deluxe package also comes with an 11-by-11-inch book, previously unpublished photos from the era, a replica tour book and an 11-by 22-inch poster.


Disc One: Original Album
1. Hotel California
2. New Kid In Town
3. Life In The Fast Lane
4. Wasted Time
5. Wasted Time (Reprise)
6. Victim Of Love
7. Pretty Maids All In A Row
8. Try And Love Again
9. The Last Resort

Disc Two: Live at The Los Angeles Forum (October 1976)
1. Take It Easy
2. Take It To The Limit
3. New Kid In Town
4. James Dean
5. Good Day In Hell
6. Witchy Woman
7. Funk #49
8. One Of These Nights
9. Hotel California
10. Already Gone
+Blu-ray Audio

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