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Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD reissue from ECM.

"Having crisscrossed America to the tune of 250 to 300 one-nighters a year while getting their sound and repertoire together, the Pat Metheny Group struck gold with this self-titled jazz-fusion classic in 1978. All the familiar components that have defined their evolution over the last 20 years are in place on Pat Metheny Group: the leader's dark, reverberant electric guitar sound and graceful acoustic colorations; pianist Mays's blend of Presbyterian hymnbook major-chord hosannas, Bill Evans-styled minor mystery, and orchestral synthesizer effects; the rolling, cymbal-inflected groove of Dan Gottlieb; and the Jaco Pastorious-influenced melodic bass lines of Mark Egan.

"On 'San Lorenzo' and 'Phase Dance' the band defined their anthemic blend of electric jazz, progressive rock, and roots Americana, while the countrylike intro to 'Jaco,' the sublime acoustic romance of 'April Wind' and the brisk jazz samba changes of 'Lone Jack' (with the leader's jaunty, lightly echoed melodic lead) speak to Metheny's interest in a wide range of source material--with a commitment to both extended forms and the art of improvisation." —

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