Creek Audio - Creek OBH-11 Headphone Amplifier

Creek Audio - Creek OBH-11 Headphone Amplifier

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M OBH-11
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Headphone Amplifier


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The OBH-11 is a miniature audio amplifier designed specifically to drive headphones (from 30 ohms to 300 ohms) from a line-level source. The purpose is to eliminate the use of a full-size amplifier. The OBH-11 has stereo phono sockets (RCA jacks) on the rear panel for input from any line-level source, along with a DC power jack for connection to a custom OBH power supply adapter.

No expense has been spared to enable the OBH-11 headphone amp to faithfully reproduce a music signal. Only the highest quality components are used in its classic amplifier circuitry to achieve low distortion and noise with good stereo separation. Great care has also been taken to match the output circuitry to the special requirements of modern dynamic headphones, providing an extremely flat frequency response. Audio bandwidth is limited by input and output coupling capacitors to prevent unwanted signals.

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Great bargain!

posted on 07/29/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Scott
This little unit really delivers a clean, open, and detailed sound to my AKG K-701s. You can't beat it for the price.

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