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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

"This classy lassie has been coming out of nowhere on the run since she...well, first started coming out of nowhere on the run. Upping her game with each successive release, here we find her firmly staking out her territory as the jazz diva of the times by surrounding herself with jazzbos who you would buy their own solo records, a song stack that is familiar but she gives a new swing to and a vocal style you will remember. This is a gal of the hour that will be much more than flavor of the month. Killer stuff throughout." —

"Wildly popular Southern California vocalist Lyn Stanley's new project ventures into new musical territory with her creative approach to American music. This time, she's borrowing from the classical composers — Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, and Ravel — to breathe a new excitement into a few jazz standards like you've never heard them before. This series begins with this Volume One. She has also added songs to this special project from the country and pop genres and added arrangement twists with jazz applications that modernize them as they delight your ears. Lyn delivers every song with the finesse and confidence of a veteran song stylist - and she is only a few years into her vocal career.

"The ensemble is Lyn Stanley, vocals, Mike Garson, piano, Christian Jacob, piano, Tamir Hendelman, piano, Chuck Berghofer, bass, Ray Brinker, drums, Bernie Dresel, drums, Joe LaBarbara, drums, Luis Conte, percussion, John Chiodini, guitar, Chuck Findley, trumpet, Rickey Woodard, tenor saxophone, Bob McChesney, trombone, and Hendrik Meurkens, harmonica.

"The tracks are as follows: 'All of Nothing at All,' 'Willow Weep for Me,' 'Moonlight Serenade,' 'My Funny Valentine,' 'Embraceable You,' 'Why Don't You Do Right,' 'Girl Talk,' 'Crazy,' 'Close Your Eyes,' 'How Insensitive,' 'Break It to Me Gently,' and 'In the Wee Small Hours.'"

"The lady steams with talent and surrounds herself with the very best musicians and arrangers in the business. A total Winner!" — Grady Harp,

Jazz vocalist Lyn Stanley announces her BEST project to date, The Moonlight Sessions! Sure to please — every song is crafted with an unusual twist to the arrangements — the musical interpretations and the songs are meant to bring you to a new understanding of the American Songbook and pop tunes turned to jazz in her arrangements. The stellar cast of musicians and engineering team matches the quality and detail put into every aspect of this project's two album releases in 2017: Volume One and Two.

The songs include hybrid classical romantic compositions with jazz standards on some of the song selections. Chopin is combined with Jobim, you'll hear quotes from Ravel, Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy with American Songbook jazz classics. Lyn brings her unusual creativity in music arrangements to add a new excitement to old standards.

Recording engineers: Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

All vocals by:  Lyn Stanley

The musicians on this album include:
Pianists: Mike Garson, Tamir Hendelman, Christian Jacob; Bassist: Chuck Berghofer; Drums: Joe La Barbara, Ray Brinker, Bernie Dresel; Guitar: John Chiodini; Tenor Sax: Rickey Woodard; Trumpet: Chuck Findley; Trombone: Bob McChesney; Harp: Corky Hale, Carol Robins; Harmonica: Hendrik Meurkens; Percussion: Luis Conte * Engineers: Al Schmitt, Steve Genewick, Michael Bishop * Studios: Village Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA and Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA  ©2017 by A.T Music LLC.  All rights reserved.

1. All Or Nothing At All
2. Embraceable You
3. Willow Weep For Me
4. Girl Talk
5. Moonlight Serenade
6. Why Don't You Do Right?
7. Crazy
8. In The Wee Small Hours
9. Break It To Me Gently
10. Close Your Eyes
11. My Funny Valentine
12. How Insensitive (Lyn Stanley with Tamir Hendelman)

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Excellent Album

posted on 06/01/2017
5 Stars
One the of best sounding recordings I have heard. I own the SACD and absolutely love it. All of Lyn's albums are fantastic, but The Moonlight Sessions: Volume One has taken it to an entire new level. Thank you for such a wonderful album.

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