The Fraggles - The Best Of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock

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On vinyl for the first time in more than 30 years!

Limited 140-gram colored vinyl LP pressing housed in an upgraded gatefold jacket featuring a hand drawn map of the Fraggle's world. Pressed with full color center labels featuring the Fraggles on the A side and Trash Heap on the B side. Enjoy The Toons Records is proud to bring to you Fraggle Rock on vinyl for the first time in over 30 years!

The album consists of 24 tracks from the iconic 1980s hit TV series. Fraggle Rock is a children's live action puppet television series about interconnected societies of Muppet creatures, created by Jim Henson. Fraggle Rock was co-produced by British television company Television South (TVS), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, U.S. pay television service Home Box Office and Henson Associates. Unlike Sesame Street, which had been created for a single market and later adapted for international markets, Fraggle Rock was intended from the start to be an international production and the whole show was constructed with this in mind.

1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Follow Me
3. Do It On My Own
4. Wemblin' Fool
5. Lost And Found
6. Catch The Tail By The Tiger
7. Brave Boy, Jump Up
8. Muck And Goo
9. Friendship Song
10. Fraggle Rock Rock
11. Beetle Song
12. Easy Is The Only Way To Go
13. Pantry Chant
14. Our Melody
15. Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Sweetly Boink
16. Let Me Be Your Song
17. Pass It On
18. Yes, We Can
19. Perfect Harmony
20. The Rock Goes On
21. Dum De Dum
22. Workin'
23. I Seen Troubles
24. Closing Theme

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