Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries

 (Limited Edition)


Audio Fidelity



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DAFZ 208

Vinyl LP with Damaged Cover

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Preowned Vinyl Record

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Limited edition 180-gram vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Considered one of the greatest acoustic guitar albums of all time!

"This Michael Hedges album shook up the guitar playing world in 1984 the way Leo Kottke's 6 and 12 String Guitars had in 1969. ... Aerial Boundaries with its edgy, flamboyant slapping, string popping and hard edged percussive strumming can be at times positively jarring, though of course there are times when it shimmers and flows river-like. ... Kevin Gray remastered this time for Audio Fidelity, which issued it in an attractive gatefold package. And again, this latest edition blows the doors off the previous two in every imaginable way." — Music = 9/11; Sound = 9/11 — Michael Fremer, AnalogPlanet.com. Read the whole review here.

Aerial Boundaries is unquestionably one of the most groundbreaking albums in acoustic guitar history. This recording introduced Michael Hedges to the world as the ultimate acoustic guitar visionary stretching the limits of the instrument to accommodate his exceptional musical ideas. There are moments on the record where it seems impossible that so much music is coming from one man and his guitar. Rich in classical harmony and master of fast finger techniques, Hedges' tracks feature layers of musical complexity and every performance expands the dynamic range of the instrument.

The songs on Aerial Boundaries are beautiful and haunting — with an emphasis on composition over technique. Stirring, complex compositions such as "Rickover's Dream," "Spare Change" and an ingenious instrumental take of Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush" are on full display. He could be seductively quiet and suddenly explosive...slow or fast, timid or thunderous.

Limited edition 180-gram vinyl, plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings. None better.

"There was simply no one like him," Bonnie Raitt said, after Hedges' untimely death in 1997. "His music sounded like nothing that had come before it."



Ratings from Michael Fremer @ AnalogPlanet.com

Side 1
1. Aerial Boundaries
2. Bensusan
3. Rickover’s Dream
4. Ragamuffin
5. After the Gold Rush

Side 2
6. Hot Type
7. Spare Change
8. Menage a Trois
9. The Magic Farmer

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