John Denver - Poems, Prayers & Promises

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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Limited edition 180-gram reissue on orange vinyl, pressed by RTI

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios & Capitol Mastering in Hollywood

John Denver was a musical phenomenon with a legendary musical career breaking wide open in the late 1960s. Featuring a plethora of hit recordings in pop, country and adult genres, he shared his vocal talents with millions of fans with his records, concerts and top rated television shows and movies for over three decades.

With the release of this album in 1971, John Denver delivered the songs that would soon propel him into superstardom. All the elements he then used to achieve such singular fame and fortune as the best-selling and most popular singer of the 1970s is here, from his fabulously successful first hit "Take Me Home, Country Roads" to the under- appreciated counterculture anthem "Poems, Prayers And Promises."

Denver almost single-handedly began the outdoor backpacking, hiking, and orienteering movements by popularizing the idea of nature as an important element in modern life, and more than a few of the young babyboomers, like John, were more than ready for the kind of unconventional intimacy with nature he sang about so effortlessly and so elegantly. From "Sunshine On My Shoulders" to "I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado", Denver's song soar in their description of the beauties of the natural life and in being close to the "great wide-open'.


Side 1
Poems, Prayers and Promises
Let It Be
My Sweet Lady
Wooden Indian
Gospel Changes

Side 2
Take Me Home, Country Roads
I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado
Sunshine On My Shoulders
Around And Around
Fire and Rain
The Box

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posted on 01/13/2017
3 Stars
Reviewer: Brian
This record sounds like one of those 70's recordings that were rough around the edges. On every song, you can hear the results of a limited dynamic range. I believe that this must be the result of an old and worn-out tape. When Denver hits high notes, I cringe as I hear the distortion - the recording breaks up. This is terribly sad, because the soaring vocals are why I bought this album.

I suppose there are two fairly good sounding songs: "Sunshine on My Shoulder" and "The Box". The latter song is a spoken poem, and it suffers from the same breakup as the other songs, but since he's simply speaking the words, it didn't bother me that much. "Sunshine on My Shoulder" is sonically superior to any of the other songs, but even it could be cleaned up.

It's a shame. I won't buy another John Denver record from this collection. Thus, my search for a definitive John Denver record continues.

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