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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


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180-gram double LP

Cibo Matto's eclectic 1999 album featuring Sean Lennon

Includes "Spoon" and "Moonchild"

The second album from Cibo Matto is focused and refined while still wildly diverse, blending elements of jazz, hip-hop and pop. From the groove of "Spoon" to the undulating R&B of "Moonchild," Stereo*Type A is, at it's core, a pop album, and at the same time funky and imaginative.

Contributors to the album include Sean Lennon, Arto Lindsay, John Medeski & Billy Martin (of Medeski, Martin & Wood), Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso and Soul Coughing's Sebastian Steinberg among others.

1. Working For Vacation
2. Spoon
3. Flowers
4. Lint Of Love
5. Moonchild
6. Sci-Fi Wasabi
7. Clouds
8. Speechless
9. King Of Silence
10. Backseat
11. Blue Train
12. Sunday Part I
13. Sunday Part II
14. Stone
15. Mortming
16. Country

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