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Limited edition vinyl LP

The sounds of Marvin Gaye still travel through the fabric of R&B music.

His tone, sensual lyricism and address of societal woes, touches the soul and serve as poignant works that will set the mood or arouse your conscious.

Universal Music Enterprises presents a collection of his body of work. Appropriately titled, Marvin 1971-1981, the vinyl set will include each of his solo records compiled into one 180-gram reissue package. Solo releases from the set will also be available.

This 1981 album has a storied history. At the end of the '70s Gaye conceived his next release to be a party record titled "Love Man." The single "Ego Tripping Out" failed to connect, and while relocated to Europe he reconceived the album as something more spiritual. The resulting In Our Lifetime was an LP that Gaye believed Motown had compromised with unauthorized edits and remixes, and retitled without the trailing question mark. It spelled the end of Gaye's recording association with Motown. He moved on to find further success at Columbia (particularly with "Sexual Healing"), and left Motown to founder.

Side 1
Life Is For Learning
Love Party
Funk Me

Side 2
Far Cry
Love Me Now Or Leave Me Later
Heavy Love Affair
In Our Lifetime

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