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FLAC 192kHz/24bit Download

FLAC 192kHz/24bit Download

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The album cover to Trust speaks volumes: Elvis Costello, bathed
in shadows, his eyes nervously peering out from behind his
sunglasses, conveying a combination of edgy noir purpose and
guilt-ridden anxiety. Indeed, the tension-rich songs within largely
convey the opposite meanings of the diverse record's title. The
British icon muses on what lies beyond arrogant youth and
immediate success with a jaundiced, scarred perspective informed
by his country's political climate and his own experiences. As is
often the case with great albums, Trust - which retains a five-star
rating from Rolling Stone - didn't spawn a Top 40 hit at the time of
its release. Yet age has been more than kind to the effort Costello
said aimed to cross the rhythms of Get Happy!! with the melodies
on Armed Forces, and which more than achieves that exacting goal.
Made in a haze of booze and pills, the 1981 set delves into issues of
disillusionment, romance, and sin with barbed wit and unvarnished

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI,
Mobile Fidelity's transparent analog reissue lets music lovers in
on the record's secrets via unsurpassed clarity and breathtaking
immediacy. Whether the full, rounded tones of Bruce Thomas'
bass or complete extension and decay of Steve Nieve's organ,
every instrumental accent is delivered with lifelike detail and superb
balance. Melodicas, drums, pianos, and guitars similarly come
across faithfully and richly, the blend freed of constricting sonic veils
and dynamic compression. Heard anew on this definitive pressing,
Trust emerges as one of the most satisfyingly complex and expertly
played albums of its era.

Lover's Walk
You'll Never Be A Man
Pretty Words
Strict Time
Watch Your Step
New Lace Sleeves
From A Whisper To A Scream
Different Finger
White Knuckles
Shot With His Own Gun
Fish 'N' Chip Paper
Big Sister's Clothes

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