Various Artists - Sesame Street: Platinum All Time Favorites





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AEON 9498
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Vinyl Record

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First time pressing on yellow vinyl!

A compilation of 20 beloved recordings listed in the Library of Congress

Platinum All-Time Favorites includes 20 of Sesame Street's all time classic hits and stands as the most popular album in the franchise's rich catalog. In 2015 the album was recognized by the Library of Congress and added to its National Recording Registry for its cultural and historic significance. To celebrate the honor Platinum All-Time Favorites is being made available on vinyl for the very first time in a fitting yellow-colored 180-gram LP pressing. Features appearances by the whole gang and the nostalgic classics "Rubber Duckie," "Doin' The Pigeon," "C Is For Cookie" and many many more!

1. Sesame Street Theme – The Kids
2. ABC –DEF – GHI – Big Bird
3. The People In Your Neighborhood – Bob And The Anything People
4. Rubber Duckie – Ernie
5. Elmo’s Song – Elmo, Big Bird, And Snuffleupagus
6. Doin’ The Pigeon – Bert
7. ‘C’ Is For Cookie – Cookie Monster
8. I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon – Ernie
9. The Monster In The Mirror – Gover n
10. Sing – The Kids
11. Happy Tappin’ With Elmo – Elmo
12. Fuzzy And Blue (And Orange) – Grover, Harry Monster, Cookie Monster, And Frazzle
13. Bein’ Green – Kermit The Frog
14. Lambaba – The Count With The Singing, Dancing Lamds
15. What Do I Do When I’m Alone – Grover
16. One Fine Face – Ernie And Elmo
17. I Love Trash – Oscar The Grouch
18. Little Things – Prairie Dawn
19. Put Down The Duckie – Ernie And Hoots The Owl
20. We Are All Earthlings – A Boy And The Anything Muppet Animals

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