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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM

180-gram gatefold double LP

Half-speed remastered and cut to lacquers at 45 RPM

Limited to 10,000 copies worldwide

Peter Gabriel presents remastered limited edition viny versions of his first four solo records. This marks their return to the format for the first time since 2002.

It's the first in a series that will see all of his records available in vinyl. The eponymous albums in this first batch — referred to as 1 to 4 or Car, Scratch, Melt and Security, based on their cover art — followed his departure from Genesis in 1975, and established Gabriel as a solo artist.

Each 180-gram double album is presented in a gatefold jacket, in an individually-numbered run of 10,000 copies worldwide. Long out-of-print German vocal versions of Gabriel's third and fourth albums will be limited to 3,000 copies each. Albums come with downloads in a choice of resolutions: hi-res 24-bit/96k or 16-bit/44.1k.

Having left Genesis in the summer of 1976, Gabriel's first solo album arrived in February 1977. He was 26. With legendary producer Bob Ezrin taking charge, the intention was to make a more direct and tougher record: something different from what had gone before. The record also provided one of Peter's most recognisable songs in the shape of Solsbury Hill. Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 45RPM, across two heavyweight LPs to deliver maximum dynamic sound range. Vinyl cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering, mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis and overseen by Peter's main sound engineer Richard Chappell. These albums really have never sounded so good! They also look amazing with the gatefold sleeves utilizing imagery from the initial release, sourced and re-scanned from original artwork. Albums include download cards with a choice of digital download (Hi-Res 24/96k or 16/44.1k). Each are numbered limited editions — only 10,000 copies worldwide.

Side 1
1. Moribund The Burgermeister
2. Solsbury Hill

Side 2
3. Modern Love
4. Excuse Me
5. Humdrum

Side 3
6. Slowburn
7. Waiting For The Big One

Side 4
8. Down The Dolce Vita
9. Here Comes The Flood

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Sad - they really botched this one

posted on 11/25/2015
2 Stars
Reviewer: To
I love Peter Gabriel and this is my favorite of his. I bought all 4 of the new 45 rpm Real World pressings and they are impeccably packaged with all the nuances. Wonderful. 45 rpm, this should really open up. Put the record on. Lots of detail but the tonality is so far off it is barely listenable. Shrill, no warmth. Perhaps if you have an incredibly warm less revealing system this might work.

The Classic Records pressings are vastly better

Sad to see they really messed up the sound Who mastered these?

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