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Sometimes, truth can’t be explained. But it can be felt, running wild through a song. “I don’t want to tame myself. I want to be wild,” says Langhorne Slim. “If I can continue to refine the wildness but never suffocate or tame it, then I’m on the right path. Because it is a path. I feel it.” The Spirit Moves is Langhorne’s newest artistic attempt to refine the wildness. The result is an effervescent collection of his now-signature, cinematic, joyful noise, rooted in folk, soul, and blues. The album marks his second with rock-solid band The Law, and the highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed The Way We Move.

Side 1
1. Spirit Moves
2. Changes
3. Put It Together
4. Whisperin’
5. Strangers
6. Life’s A Bell

Side 2
7. Wolves
8. Bring You My Love
9. Airplane
10. Southern Bells
11. Strongman
12. Meet Again

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