Red House Painters - Bridge

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Finally back on black vinyl, first time since its 1993 release!

The second of the band's eponymous albums of 1993 and with a bridge on the cover to give it its unofficial title, this set was shorter, collecting eight more tracks from the studio sessions the band embarked on upon signing to 4AD Records.

Holding back signature classics such as "Evil," "Uncle Joe" and "Blindfold" for this record, it's arguably the most experimental and darkest of their 4AD releases, reflecting the winter month it was released in. It's also notable for containing the first "Kozeleked" cover versions, with "I Am A Rock" and the "Star Spangled Banner" both getting his treatment.


Side 1
1. Evil
2. Bubble
3. I Am A Rock
4. Helicopter

Side 2
5. New Jersey
6. Uncle Joe
7. Blindfold
8. Star Spangled Banner

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