HIM - Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights

 (Deluxe Edition Re-Mastered on Colored Vinyl + Download Card)


The End



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ATHE 603531
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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2


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Deluxe silver-colored double LP reissue

HIM's third album, remastered

Featuring eight unreleased bonus tracks + album download card

Limited edition gatefold jacket with two full artwork record sleeves

"Of all of HIM's albums, Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights possesses the biggest contrast between dark and light. There may not have been as many entombed emotions and vampire hearts to be found here, but Valo's sensual delivery and poetic words still dove into an ocean of romantic darkness, albeit with a hopeful light shining through on tunes like 'In Joy and Sorrow' and 'You Are The One.'" — Amazon.com


Side 1
1. Salt In Our Wounds
2. Heartache Every Moment
3. Lose You Tonight
4. In Joy And Sorrow
5. Pretending
6. Close To The Flame

Side 2
7. You Are The One
8. Please Don’t Let It Go
9. Beautiful
10. In Love and Lonely
11. Don’t Close Your Heart
12. Love You Like I Do

Side 3
13. Close to the Glame (Hollola Tapes)
14. Please Don’t Let It Go (Hollola Tapes)
15. Pretending (Kevin Shirley Mix)
16. Love You Like I Do (Hollola Tapes)

Side 4
17. Again (Hollola Tapes)
18. Pretending (trnsfrmtn version)
19. Lose You Tonight (Hollola Tapes)
20. Salt In Our Wounds (John Fryer Mix)

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